Our story

In 2016, AFLII Tanzania was founded by Flora & Lukas with a small group of volunteers.

In 2017, the Women Empowerment project (Women Empowerment – AFLII Tanzania) was launched, which gives 20 young women the opportunity to do their education.

In 2018, we founded our Kindergarten (Kindergarten – AFLII Tanzania), which 50 kids are attending currently.

In 2019, the music & film studio (AFLII Studios – AFLII Tanzania) was started.

In 2020, the AFLII center was extended to include a bar and a restaurant. 

In 2021, we have connected the sustainable farming and women empowerment projects and started working with Mavuno, a German company that support local cashew farmers in financing their farming activities.

In 2022, we have introduced a live band and employed direktors and producers. The women empowerment project now has it’s own store in Mbae, Mtwara. 

Plans after 2022
In the coming years, we will …

…build a school with the capacity for up to 200 children, 3 kilometers away from Mtwara.

…continue working with Mavunoa to support even more local farmers (as per 2022: >3.000 farmers)