Women Empowerment

  • Women empowerment is the process of improving the social, cultural, economic and political status of women. Strengthening the role of women is an important part of global development. It is not only about empowering women, but also about empowering men to better understand women’s needs and rights. The United Nations defines empowerment as „processes that strengthen people’s self-esteem, control over their lives and the ability to participate in society on an equal footing.“
  • At AFLII, the care of girls and young women, who in the worst case have suffered trauma due to violence, abuse, neglect, is a safe point of contact. The women can entrust themselves to trained personnel and build a new safe environment with other women. Growing up in a safe environment is important for the healthy development of children and adolescents.

    Doch gerade viele junge Mädchen in Tansania können ihre Kindheit nicht so unbeschwert genießen. Nicht selten werden sie Opfer von psychischer und körperlicher Gewalt sowie von Vernachlässigung. Laut einer Umfrage werden in Tansania drei von zehn Mädchen noch vor ihrem 18. Geburtstag Opfer sexueller Gewalt.

  • At the centre, they receive training in order to be able to finance their lives independently. Through urban farming, cultural workshops and English lessons, the women can rebuild their self-esteem and self-confidence. Our goal is to empower you to find your voice, express your individuality and live your life according to your own ideas.

  • In our women’s empowerment project in Mtwara, girls between the ages of 13 and 18 from difficult backgrounds are supported by training as seamstresses. The proceeds of the sewn products, which are then sold in the project, flow back into the project, e.g. to buy new fabrics or sewing machines for the girls.
  • In addition to training, the young women receive English and math lessons as well as life skill courses. In this way, the project enables the girls to become self-employed and financially independent. But also for leisure activities is taken care of, because in addition to the lessons, small excursions are also made and sports are done regularly.

Lara, Volunteer 2022/2023


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Learn more about how you can contribute that more women can receive an education:

For volunteering, to go directly to the RGV project site, please visit: Sozialarbeit in einem Women Empowerment Projekt in Tansania (rainbowgardenvillage.com)